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Vicar’s Message

December 3rd, 2009

It is my immense pleasure and privilege to greet you all in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give thanks to the Lord from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be part of your lives and for serving together as partners in His ministry. May God enable us and guide us to move forward on a spirit-filled-journey to envision a new dimension in His vineyard.

“The Church is not a static institution. It is men and women who enflesh in daily life the meaning of faith, the reality of the risen Christ” (Karl Rahner).

God’s original design for the church is found in the Book of Acts. It was a W.E.L.L Church- Worshipping, Evangelizing, Learning and Loving Church.

WORSHIP is going to be more effective when it is based on an accurate understanding of who God is. A worshipping church is a place where God is exalted in spirit and in truth. So let us worship God in truth and in spirit.

As we read the accounts of the first church, it becomes clear that literally everything they did culminated in EVANGELISM. Proclaiming Christ was never seen as optional.

Peter & John (Acts 3:1-26), they stepped out in faith and spoke the truth of the Gospel and God showed up.

So let us pray for a wider vision in our Evangelistic work. A commitment to preaching and learning God’s Word is essential to a healthy church.

A LEARNING church is a church where discipleship is taking place. Let us have a hunger for the Word of God.

When we are talking about being a LOVING church, we are talking about a people that are connected to one another in close fellowship and people who serve one another in true ministry. Jesus said in Matthew 19:19 “Love your neighbor as yourself.” A Loving church is a place where there is true fellowship & ministry.

We need to get W.E.L.L. That is my vision and my mission for the next years ahead. Everything I preach and every event we do will go toward this goal of getting W.E.L.L. I request you all to uphold us in your prayers; so that we may be strengthen to do His ministry in a faithful and fruitful manner.

In His Ministry Yours,
Rev. Joseph Chacko

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Marthoma Church History

October 9th, 2009

The history of the Mar Thoma Church is divided into three main eras viz.

Post Reformation

1. Pre-Reformation Era
St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ is believed to have landed in AD 52 in Cranganore near Cochin, which was at that time an important seaport on the Malabar Coast, having trade connections with the  Middle East in those days. F.E. Keay in his book, A History of the Syrian Church in India has established, from the mention in the book of Kings, of the articles brought to the court of …

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