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Marthoma Centenary Hall,1937

In the year 1936, the present Church premises,14 ents in extent,in convent road,was acquired in the joint name of the following members viz:-

1.Mr. P.M.Mani
2.Mr. Tharian Varghese
3.Mrs. Koshy Mathew

A small place of worship of 40’*18′ dimensions , comfortably adequate to accommodate the small community of those days, was constructed in the new premises. The construction was completed in the year 1937 some restraints, in the regulatory laws of Cochin, prevented recognition of the new construction,as a church. Therefore, the building was named as Marthoma Church Centenary hall.

Sanction was accorded later, by the Cochin State Government, to declare the hall-building as a Church. The building was accordingly dedicated as Salem Marthoma Church, by the Rt.Rev.yuhanon Mar Timotheos Episcopa. in accordance with the undertaking,that the community had given at that time, we still do not bring dead bodies to the Salem marthoma Church, for funeral service.


Worship service was commenced in the year 1932 and conducted on alternate sundays alternatively by
1. Rev. C.T.Mathew Perumbavoor.
2.Rev. C.M John Kottayam


Name of the Pastors who have served as Vicars during the period from 1937 is given below:-

1. Rev.T.N.Koshy (1937)
few months only
2. Rev.P.V.Joseph (1938-39)
residence at Kunnamkulam
3. Rev.V.J.Joseph (1939-42)
first resident vicar
4. Rev.P.E.Thomas (1942-51)
acquired revipuram cemetery in 1943
5. Rev.A.C Mathew (1951-54)
6. Rev.C.G Alexander(1954-57)
7. Rev.M.K.Thomas (1958-60)
8. Rev.K.Thomas (1960-63)
reconstruction of the church, purchase of parsonage property
9. Rev.K.G.Mammen (1963-66)
construction of parsonage
10.Rev.Mathew Varghes (1966-68)
construction of parsonage completed
11.Rev.Cherian Thomas (1968-70)
a lean-to constructed on the northern side of the church
12.Rev. D.Alexander (1970-76)
adv.p.a cyrus and his leadership,jeevan center at puthencruz, vadattupara mission
13.Rev.T.C.Thomas (1976-79)
14.Rev.K.C George (1979-84)
initiated establishment of palarivattom sharon marthoma church
15.Rev.m.p Yohannan (1984-89)
acquired elamkulam cemetery site
16.Rev.P.T.Thomas (1984-89)
church renovated
17.Rev.John Mathew (1994-97)
parsonage renovated
18.Rev.G.Varghese ( 1997-01)
salem homes project implimented
19.Rev.K.S.Mathew ( 2001-04)
20.Rev.George Abraham ( 2004-2007)
21.Rev Oommen Philip (2007-


As per the available records, the first congregation included:-
Dr.Tharian Varghese, Mr.P.C.Cherian, Prf. C.J.Peter, Dr.Koshy Mathew


Some more persons and their families, who have left indelible mark on the developement of the parish are:-
Mr.P.M Mani & family, Mr.K.K.Alexander & family, Mr.A.S.George.

Mention is made here of some more of the past lay members of the parish , who have also given great personal contribution , in moulding the life and tempo of the church:-
Adv.K.T.Thomas, Mr.K.C.Samuel, Mr.P.M.Thomas,Mr.M.G.Abraham.


As on MAY 2006, our membership consists of nearly 300 families and some individual members with a total membership of 1300.

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